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Company Profile

We provide optimal solution within rapidly changing financial market

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Company Profile

Company Name Risk & Actuary Consulting Co., Ltd. (CEO : Harry Kim)
Corporate ID 101-86-50622
Practice Area
  • AFM Software and Solution Development
  • EEV, AV and Reserving
  • Defined Benefit Pension Valuation and PALM
  • General Actuarial Consulting Services (Product Development, Liability Test, etc.)
  • Risk Management (ALM, ERM, Solvency II, Hedging etc.)
  • Management Consulting (long-term strategies and planning)
Address 35 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 03188 (Gwanjeong Building, Seo Rindong)
Phone / Fax 82-2-722-1041~2 / 82-2-722-1091
Established November 10, 2009



IFRS4 PhaseⅡ(IFRS17) implementation and core infrastructure (Liability and ALM) project (Hanwha General Insurance)

2016.09 Actuarial Software implementation and combined actuarial projects, Credit Union
2016.07 IBM UK London Benchmark 2 weeks seminar(IFRS4 Phase II(IFRS17) and ALM model structure, 13 employees from R&A and H Life insurance company)
2016.06 IBM Partner World Premier Certificate (Higher Level of IBM Business Partnership)
2016.06 Actuarial system improvement, Hanwha Life Insurance Company
2016.05 Guaranteed Reserving system for stimulate hedging, Financial Supervisory Service
2016.04 Numerix New York headquarter 3 weeks seminar (hedging system implementation, 3 employees from R&A)
2016.02 Office expansion (Gwanjeong Building, Seo Rindong)
2015.06 Pricing, LAT, EV, Mortality rate studies consulting, MG Community Credit Cooperatives
2015.06 IBM Algo Gold Level Certificate (top and unique Algo AFM technology recognition in Asia-Pacific)
2015.05 Partnership with Numerix
2014.01 Company valuation and business analysis (M&A support), LIG General Insurance
2013.10 IFRS4 Phase II(IFRS17) Impact Study, Financial Supervisory Service
2013.03 LAT model implementation for general insurers (AFM)
2012.10 P Life insurer cash flow based insurance pricing computation structure implementation (AFM)
2012.09 Financial Supervisory Service, Risk society seminar presentation (Curve Fitting)
2011.10 Cash flow based insurance pricing computation structure implementation, MG Community Credit Cooperatives
2011.09 Korean Academy of Actuarial Science research presentation (Nested Stochastic Pricing)
2011.06 Korean Actuarial Conference topic presentation (Solvency II, Replicating Portfolio)
2010.11 Enterprise model and experience studies system implementation, National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives
2010.06 Partnership with Algorithmics
2009.11 Found Risk & Actuary Consulting Co., Ltd.