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Project Reference

Our significant portion of actuarial consulting experience for optimal

IFRS17 implementation
We are working on IFRS17 projects for mid

to large size life and general insurers


IFRS4 PhaseⅡ implementation and core infrastructure (Liability and ALM) project (Hanwha General Insurance)

2016.09 Actuarial Software implementation and combined actuarial projects, Credit Union
2016.06 Actuarial system improvement, Hanwha Life Insurance Company
- IFRS4 Phase II model implementation
- Variable insurance products hedging system implementation
- ALM/LAT/EV Implementation

- Optimum assumption review
2015.11 Best Estimate Development for Pricing, Credit Union
2015.06 Pricing, LAT, EV, Mortality rate studies consulting, MG Community Credit Cooperatives
2015.05 Partnership with Numerix
2015.01 Company valuation, MG General Insurance
2014.07 Long-term profit and loss model and valuation, MG General Insurance
2014.06 Long-term profit and loss analysis, MG Community Credit Cooperatives
2014.01 Company valuation and business analysis (M&A support), LIG General Insurance
2013.11 LAT model implementation, Credit Union
2013.07 CFP output system implementation
2013.03 LAT model implementation, AXA General Insurance
2012.12 Non-life insurer valuation, Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation
2012.10 CFP output system implementation, Prudential Life Insurance of Korea
2011.10 CFP output system implementation, MG Community Credit Cooperatives
2010.11 Enterprise model and experience studies system implementation, National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives
2010.10 Enterprise model implementation, MG Community Credit Cooperatives
2010.06 Partnership with Algorithmics